‘Super-size’ King Soopers opens its doors in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s a super-sized concept that has now opened in Colorado Springs.

“I’m so excited, it’s just going very, very well,” said Kevin Kelly, King Soopers store manager.

It’s a big day for Kelly as the newest King Soopers officially opened its doors Wednesday, August 9.

“It’s a relief actually because it’s very tedious to get some of this stuff together,” said Kelly.

The new 124,000 square-foot store is different than the other King Soopers in the area because it offers food, clothing, and home goods combined.

“Being able to come here and shop for a lot of other things, not necessarily having to go to the mall or something,” said Holly Prentiss of Colorado Springs.

The new store is at the corner of Constitution Avenue and Marksheffel Road on the city’s east side, an area that has seen a lot of growth.

“I go right down 24 and I’m right here, so it’s about 15 minutes,” said Bernadette Loerbs of Falcon.

“There’s a Banning Lewis expansion that’s coming up, we are actually about 13 to 15 minutes from downtown Falcon,” explains Kevin.

From meats and seafood to toys and even Halloween candy in August, it’s a supersized store for a growing community.

“I’m getting a lot of great feedback from the people that live around here and we’re just glad to be in the neighborhood,” added Kelly.

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