Staff member at Sterling Correctional Facility assaulted by armed inmate

STERLING, Colo. — Officials are investigating after a correctional officer was assaulted by an armed inmate at Sterling Correctional Facility.

Officials say the staff member was assaulted with a weapon by offender Angelo Trujillo on Tuesday, August 8. The assault was quickly stopped by first responders and the staff member was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Trujillo has since been transferred to another facility as the Office of the Inspector General continues to investigate.

Department of Corrections Executive Director Rick Raemisch made the following statement in response to the incident:

“The Colorado Department of Corrections has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for violence in our facilities.  As part of our Violence Reduction Program, the offenders are told of all the opportunities that we afford them.  However, they are also told that we have an agreement with numerous other states who will house them if they are involved in a serious assault of our staff. Our states involvement in the Interstate Compact Agreement allows us to ensure our staff are protected from future assaults, and they will be moved out of this state. We will seek the strictest penalty. “


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