Nitro Circus Live coming to Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live tour is crisscrossing the globe, including a first time stop in Colorado Springs.

The tour has performed more than 60 shows across North America, Europe and Australia over 10 months in 2016, according to a press release.

Colorado Springs would have been a highlight of the trek last April, but due to a sudden and severe snowstorm it was impossible to put on the show. Now, after the tremendous reaction from area fans eager to see the high-adrenaline excitement, Nitro Circus Live will return to Colorado Springs this summer for a Friday, August 25 show at Security Service Field.

“The Colorado Springs fans were tremendous. They were so pumped about the show. It was terribly disappointing when weather problems prevented us from performing,” recalled Mike Porra, Executive Chairman and Global Head of Creative of Nitro Circus. “But we are very excited to be back this summer and can’t wait to put on a great show!”

Cañon City native Anthony Murray is just one of over 30 world-class action sports athletes set to perform. The lineup includes the best riders in freestyle motocross (FMX), BMX, scooter and inline – including multiple X Games medalists – performing the biggest tricks in action sports, plus attempting unbelievable world’s firsts never seen before.

“Nitro Circus features all the world’s greatest action sport athletes,” said Murray. “So it’s not only motocross, it’s BMX, it’s scooters, skateboards, inline skating and on top of that, there’s crazy contraptions. We have this Giganta ramp that’s about 40 feet tall and they jump about 60 feet in distance. They ride rocking horses down that, wheelbarrows, shopping carts, bathtubs, it is crazy!”

Nitro Circus Lives’ daredevils will also ride a host of outrageous new contraptions off the famous 40-foot Giganta Ramp, such as tricycles, a wheeled recliner and more. With an all-new stage set geared for an outdoor stadium experience, Nitro Circus Live is a spectacular and entertaining event that is fun for fans of all ages.

Tickets can be purchased through     


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