Colorado Springs support group gives back to kids with heart conditions

Families of Mended Little Hearts of Colorado Springs gather at Weidner Field to play soccer -- FOX21 News, Ray Harless

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Kids with heart complications were invited to a special experience Sunday, kicking around the soccer ball with Switchbacks players.

It was all coordinated by the support group Mended Little Hearts of Colorado Springs, which started in 2010.

The group’s program coordinator, Allison Walenga, has a child who has battled heart complications all of his life. Walenga said her son, Landon, has already had three heart surgeries.

“The fact that we had four months to prepare before my son was even born was such a blessing to us, because we kind of knew what to expect,” said Walenga.

According to Walenga, one out of every 110 kids in the U.S. is born with a congenital heart defect every year. She said it’s important that families with children battling the same thing stick together.

“A support group brings a certain connotation of maybe sadness or sorrow or feeling sorry for yourself, but that’s totally the opposite of what we are,” said Walenga.

On Sunday, Switchbacks players and families belonging to the group gathered together at Weidner Field and watched as their children kicked around the soccer ball.

Right now, 20 families are part of Mended Little Hearts of Colorado Springs. Walenga said the group is open to all families with kids affected by heart conditions.

>> Tap here to learn more about the group. 

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