Back to school: The cost of school supplies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — ‘Tis the season to stock up on school supplies. Every parent knows that back to school shopping can be expensive, and many of those supply lists are getting longer and longer each year.

To find out exactly how much it costs, I picked a random list from the stack of school supply lists at Target. I ended up buying for a first grader at Audubon Elementary.

After checking off all the supplies, I headed to the checkout. It was $86.77 for the supplies, a backpack and a lunch box.

I then logged on to Amazon and started clicking away, buying the supplies on the list. After making my way through the list, I checked the shopping cart. It came up to $156.99–more than $70 more.

Those deals at the store can really add up, so be sure to check flyers to see when certain stores are running sales on those back-to-school essentials.

According to USA Today, on average, parents with school-age children spend $100 per student on supplies. Once you add in clothing, shoes, and electronics, the average cost of sending a child to back to class could skyrocket to more than $600.

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