Rain is a good thing when it comes to golf courses; bad for area trails

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Mother Nature has dumped a lot of rain across southern Colorado this summer.

In fact, record amounts of rain were recorded in the month of July — more than six inches!

Flash flooding was a big concern after large amounts of rain fell in a short amount of time, but the rain has been good for some businesses.

On Tuesday it was another picture perfect Colorado day at the Patty Jewett Golf Course.

“We probably haven’t watered here probably for two weeks,” said Pat Gentile, Golf Division Superintendent.

The sprinklers may be off but the course remains nice and green.

“So far the rain’s been very kind to us, I mean most of the rain has come last in the evenings, a little after 6 when we’re kind of winding down,” said Gentile.

Record rain fall in July has helped keep the course on par, but there are some hazards when it comes to all this moisture.

“We’ve had so much rain, the maintenance crews are having a really hard time right now keeping up with the mowing, the mowing of the roughs,” said Gentile.

It’s not just the golf courses impacted by the rain. Our trails have seen some pretty muddy conditions.

“If we use the trails while they’re muddy, our footprints impact the trails, our bicycles, horses,” said Susan Davies with the Trails and Open Space Coalition.

So while it’s always nice to enjoy all Colorado has to offer even after a storm, it’s best to give the trails time to dry out.

“When we’ve had a heavy rain storm, give the trails a day, give the trails a day or two,” added Davies.

The Trails and Open Space Coalition says because of our dry climate, the soil tends to dry out pretty quick allowing hikers and bikers to hit the trails in just a matter of days without damaging them.

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