Local blood center encouraging donations from dogs, cats amid nationwide shortage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — We all know about blood drives for humans, but how about our furry friends at home?

HemoSolutions in Colorado Springs is one of the largest dog blood centers in the country, but they’re still looking to get more dogs and cats involved in the program.

Dogs and cats are asked to commit to a year-long program, including six donations sessions, one every eight weeks.

Even though HemoSolutions works with veterinarians nationwide, they help animals here in Colorado Springs first.

“Our local clinics are our first priority,” Melissa Smiley, HemoSolutions’ blood drive coordinator, said.

Dog and cat blood and plasma is low all across the country.

“We’re really in need of donors right now,” Smiley said. “There’s a shortage of blood donors nationwide, and we have like a three week wait-list for blood.”

Sarah Keener is in the vet industry, and says her office uses HemoSolutions. So she decided to enroll her two dogs, Dash and Hazard, into the program.

“We would contact them about getting blood for sick patients, and I thought, why not have my guys do it?” Keener said.

But she agrees, the fact that this program exists, needs more awareness.

“I think a lot of people aren’t aware that it’s available,” Keener said.

If your animal completes the program, HemoSolutions will send a check to your veterinarian’s office on your behalf, anywhere from $75 to 150, to cover any costs of vet visits.

If you refer another animal to donate, you get $25 to spend yourself, anywhere you please.

To get involved, your animal will go through a free one-time screening at the office, where they will do a thorough blood test to make sure your animal is healthy. They will then send those results off to your veterinarian to keep on file.

Your dog must be updated on all their shots, be over 50 lbs. in weight, and not be pregnant if she is a female.

To get more information on if your animals qualify for the program, click here or call 719-380-1900.


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