Wyoming police social media post about panhandlers causes controversy

Cheyenne Police Department collected close to $300 from a transient who was arrested for public intoxication. / Cheyenne Police Department

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A local police department in Wyoming is asking people to stop giving money to panhandlers and instead give that money to local charities.

According to a post on the Cheyenne Police Department’s Facebook page Sunday, a transient was arrested for public intoxication.

“This is a person we frequently deal with, but we want to illustrate that there are better ways to help the transient population than to give them money for panhandling,” police said.

The transient had collected $234.94 “in just a few hours of asking for money.”

Police encouraged the community to give to local charities that help the homeless directly instead of “feeding someone’s alcohol addiction.”

The post has since been shared over 28,000 times and has since garnered over 5,000 comments — many of them offering different thoughts and feelings regarding the post.

On Tuesday, the police department posted an update to their Facebook after many of the comments caused quite a stir.

Do you feel the Cheyenne Police Department did the right thing by asking people to stop supporting panhandlers?

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