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Our teams provide glass and window services throughout the Front Range from Denver to Colorado Springs and Metro Areas. Colorado’s choice for Window and Glass Replacements, Frame-less Shower Enclosures, Patio Doors, and Mirror Solutions.
Our award winning teams are dedicated to providing you the highest quality of service, every time.

7 Things You Need To Know When Replacing Windows & Glass In Your Home

  1. When replacing windows, consider the advantages and disadvantages or various window materials such as; aluminum, vinyl. wood, and composite.
    • Vinyl windows tend to be the most popular choice for homeowners as they are both efficient and cost effective.
    • Aluminum windows are low maintenance, strong and durable, but have high thermal conductance.
    • Wood windows are common for custom homes due to their elegance and efficiency but are expensive and require maintenance as they are susceptible to rotting and becoming brittle.
    • Composite windows are highly efficient and do not require high maintenance like wood windows but are more costly than aluminum and vinyl.
  2. When replacing windows, consider different window types such as; slider, double-hung, and casement windows.
    • Slider windows are low maintenance and allow for more light in a room.
    • Double-hung windows are easier to clean but due to limited frame width, reduce the amount of light and ventilation.
    • Casement windows offer the greatest level of unobstructed vision but have a greater chance for mechanical failure than other types of windows.
  3. Glass can be replaced in 99.9% of all window and door systems.
    • Nearly every manufacturer designs windows in a way that if glass were broken it could be easily replaced and could save you thousands of dollars.
  4. Glass selection can optimize comfort and efficiency in your home. Efficiency technologies should be chosen when selecting a glass package in a new window.
  5. Class can be used to provide privacy, safety, and reduce exterior noise.
  6. After a hail or windstorm, a window professional should always survey weather related damages to validate insurance findings.
    • When a storm devastates an area, insurance companies and general contractors are often overwhelmed with keeping up with every claim which causes some damages to be overlooked.
  7. Frame-less shower enclosures must be structurally engineered and professionally designed to ensure long-term safety and functionality.



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