PHOTOS: Park officials seeing more graffiti, vandalism at Mesa Verde

MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK, Colo. — Park officials say they’re seeing more and more evidence of graffiti, vandalism and intentional littering throughout Mesa Verde National Park.

“You’ll see names rubbed onto the sandstone using prehistoric charcoal which a visitor dug up in an archaeological site…” officials said in a Facebook post Friday. “Not only did this/these individuals vandalize the cliff side, they destroyed archaeological artifacts to do so.”

Park officials are asking visitors to help preserve the natural and cultural resources of the National Park System by refraining from creating graffiti, intentionally littering, causing damage to or otherwise disturbing the landscape in all National Parks.

Additionally, they’re reminding park visitors that the popular 719 Rocks craze is not legal in National Parks or federal public lands.

>> Learn more about laws and policies from the National Park Service.

If you see other people engaging in any of these acts, you are asked to report it to the nearest Park Ranger or staff in the Chief Ranger’s Office located next to the Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum.

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