Successful bio-gas project in Grand Junction treats water, converts it to fuel for cars

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — The city of Grand Junction is being recognized, both around the nation and the world, for a bio-gas project.

On the Western Slope, the Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant does more than treat water. Special systems trap the methane gas, created from the treatment of water, and converts it to fuel.

That fuel is then used in city cars, buses and dozens of personal vehicles.

So far, the bio-gas plan has generated more than $250,000 for the plant.

“It’s benefiting a lot of people. Its environmental benefit is taking out about 3 million pounds of carbon from the environment annually,” said Dan Tonello, wastewater services manager.

The success of the project has sparked questions and interest from around the world, as well as being featured on PBS NewsHour.

A program surrounding the project will be featured on the National Geographic channel this fall.

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