Popular Colorado Springs food truck putting on its brakes this August

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A popular food truck in the heart of downtown is temporarily closing.

The wheels of Pig Latin Food Truck started rolling in 2013 on East Boulder Street, but will be taking a break this August.

“We just have to re-energize again, also we haven’t had a lot of time off in a while, it’s been our busiest year so far,” said Andres Velez, owner of Pig Latin Food Truck.

While it’s bittersweet to put their business in park, Velez says customers are being really supportive.

“We’ve had people come ask if we need help with our truck, if they can fix it for us, its been great,” said Velez.

While the food truck will close temporarily at the beginning of August, its owners want customers to know they will be back within one to three months.

For frequent customer Colin, his family visits the food truck at least once a month saying they appreciate the all-pork street food.

“For Colorado Springs you can’t really find any Cuban food and we used to live in Miami, so it’s the next best thing,” he said.

As for plans when the food truck returns, Velez says those are already in gear.

“We’re trying to look for a ‘brick and mortar’ in this area, so we can expand our menu and have more offerings for our customers,” said Velez.

To accommodate customers even more, the Pig Latin Food Truck will be extending its hours before closing up shop.

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