New D49 charter school to open Fall 2018

PEYTON, Colo. — District 49 Board of Education directors on Friday unanimously approved a charter school application for Liberty Tree Academy.

The school plans to build a facility near the intersection of Eastonville and Judge Orr Roads in Falcon.

Enrollment will be available in grades K-8 for 2018 to 2019, with 9, 10, 11 and 12 to be added in the following years.

“As a board we received numerous emails of support for this,” said Tammy Harold, District 49 Board of Education secretary, prior to the vote. “It does play into my decision.”

The school initially submitted an application for charter in 2016 and was withdrawn prior to a BOE vote in an effort to improve the thoroughness of the application.

The second application was reviewed internally by a team of District 49 administrators and externally by a group of charter school experts. The district accountability and advisory committee, comprised of staff, parents, and community members, also evaluated the application.

At full capacity, officials say the school will serve 702 students.

“Thank you for recognizing the strong demand of parents for a traditional American education charter school option,” said Ronnie Wilson, chairman of the Liberty Tree Academy steering committee, after the vote.

>> Click here to learn more about Liberty Tree Academy.


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