Urban renewal project already cleaning up South Nevada Avenue

City of Colorado Springs -- Streetscape Design Standards

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Traffic through the southwest part of town will continue as the urban renewal project on South Nevada Avenue is well underway.

The 25-year project started in 2015, running from Southgate Road to Motor Way and from Nevada Avenue to Tejon Street.

The project is still in its early phases, but local business owners say the area is already being cleaned up.

Paul Hanson has owned Paul’s Barber Shop on Navajo Street for the last 17 years.

Though his shop will be taken over by project developers within the next year, he said he’s happy about the deal and is already seeing a difference in the homeless population.

“A lot of them have moved, but you still get a lot of them that come back here. I know them all, they’re good people, they’ve just had a rough way,” said Hanson.

Dieter Schnakenberg, the manager of Edelweiss restaurant, agreed.

“Since they’ve torn down a lot of the properties, we’ve seen a lot of the homeless go away,” Schnakenberg said.

He said while the revamp is much needed, he hopes the area can keep its character.

“I really just hope it doesn’t turn into a lot of chains,” Schnakenberg said. “We pride ourselves in having unique businesses.”

As the project continues, the city is asking people to be patient with traffic.

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