Local mom says 6-year-old daughter got dropped off at wrong bus stop, told to walk home

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A local mom is upset after she says her 6-year-old daughter was left at the wrong bus stop and was forced to walk home.

“They go to summer school, because I volunteer them, all my kids are honor roll students,” said Jessica Baez, who lives in Canterbury Park. “It ain’t going to hurt to go to summer school and keep learning more.”

Baez has four kids and they all go to Bricker Elementary, but only three of them came home Wednesday.

“I got scared because this little one didn’t get off the bus,” said Alex about his little sister.

The mom said all four of her kids ride the bus together, and once they noticed they were missing a sibling they started yelling at the bus driver, but the bus didn’t stop.

“I asked her what happened, she said the lady from the bus that that’s not her bus stop, the lady from bus said ‘walk home’,” said Baez.

When her other kids arrived home, Baez called the school and they told her the next bus stop was Giberson Elementary School. Baez went there and couldn’t find a bus or her daughter.

She continued to drive around and found her daughter walking home with another little boy that was left.

Giberson Elementary is 1.5 miles from the Baez household.

“I wanted to cry because I thought, how can an adult be so irresponsible? And leave a 6-year-old alone where they don’t even know where their at,” explained Baez. “She was hysterical crying with the other little boy they were both holding hands.”

Harrison District 2 said they spoke to the bus driver, and the driver remembered it differently and said the child got off the bus confidently at the stop and the driver didn’t think twice.

The District will be reviewing bus video surveillance to see what conversation happened between the child and the driver.

Baez said it’s the bus driver’s responsibility to make sure they get off at the right place.

“The campus does supply a list of which children are authorized to ride the bus, which bus stop is theirs and emergency contact for parents,” said Christine O’Brian, Public Information Officer for Harrison District 2.

O’Brian said there were two adults on the bus at some point along the route and they are talking to both of them about what happened.

However, Baez said no matter what the policy is, parents should be aware.

“When you put them on the bus, you expect them to be safe all the way to school and they’re not,” said Baez.

District 2 said they plan to look over policies to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“Making sure that sibling groups are all together, and then when we see a young child, like is mentioned today, get off at a stop, even if they walk off at their own will, stopping to make sure and inquiring why an adult is not meeting them at the stop,” said O’Brian.

O’Brian recommends that parents wait at the bus stop when kids are young.

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