MAP: The most Googled health concerns nationwide

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Ever had a feeling that that common cold was more than just a cold?

It may be second nature to just Google some of your symptoms and look up the possibilities of what you may or may not have.

Analysts at High Speed Internet and Medicare Health Plans joined forces to identify what health condition each state was most paranoid about all based on Google searches.

Teams used Google Trends to identify the most searched health-related keywords in the U.S. this past year. They then cross-referenced the findings on a state level to see what health condition each state has been consulting the internet about the most.

Colorado’s most Googled health condition? Asthma. It was also one of the two most frequently searched health conditions in the nation. Diabetes was the second most searched.

More than 9 percent of Americans have diabetes and more than 8 percent have asthma, according to the CDC, so researchers weren’t surprised to see a larger portion of the country searching for these conditions.

Researchers also found Delaware, which has one of the highest breast cancer incidence rates in the United States, also had breast cancer as its top Googled health concern.

Four states — Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. — are searching about STDs, and those states are included in the top five with the highest STD rates in the U.S.

>> Click here to see the study’s full results.


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