Baby giraffe in Maryland gets emergency plasma from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo giraffe

BALTIMORE, Md. — A baby giraffe in Maryland who needed an emergency plasma transfusion got some help from a fellow Cheyenne Mountain Zoo giraffe.

Julius, a giraffe at Maryland Zoo, was born June 15. All was okay until July, when his weight started to drop.

Officials announced on Saturday there had been a “sudden and major change in Julius’ blood work.”

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo stepped in.

“We have quite a few giraffe here at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo who are enthusiastic donors,” Andrea Bolt told KDVR. “Msitu, the mother of our two-month-old baby Rae is our resident ‘rock star’ when it comes to blood draws and has been a main source of plasma for us.”

The zoo keeps a “plasma bank” in case of any emergencies with their herd, which is how they were able to donate plasma to the Denver Zoo when Dobby was having similar health problems, according to KDVR.

Within a day of being notified of the situation in Maryland, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo delivered the emergency plasma to baby Julius.

The next day, Maryland Zoo officials said they saw a slight improvement in Julius after the transfusion, but said “care and observation continue 24 hours a day.”

Bottle feeding continues to be critical for the baby giraffe.

“We won’t sugar coat it, Julius and the Zoo team are in a very hard spot right now and there is still work to be done,” officials said Monday.

We’ll continue to follow Julius’ condition. Stay tuned to FOX21 for the latest updates.

Read the full story on KDVR.

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