Which districts in our area spend more money per student?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A new website shows parents how much money each school district gets and how they spend it.

It’s called Financial Transparency for Colorado Schools. The website launched June 30 and was created after legislation in 2010 and 2014.

The goal is to provide the public detailed information of how education dollars are spent in schools, districts and BOCES.

“I do believe that financial transparency is important, people are going to want to see it, but what do those things truly mean?” asked John Battersby, a parent and teacher in District 12.

Battersby chose to put his kids in that district instead of District 11, where they live.

This graph shows how much money each student is getting for district in our area.

The top spenders in our area is Colorado Springs School District 11 at $10,763 per student. Harrison District 2 is second but not by much at $10,107, then Pueblo’s District 60 comes in third with $9,296 per student.

Some parents in our area thought it was a given — the more money spent on students, the better the test the scores, the better the reputation and maybe even the higher the family income. However, the graph shows that those numbers doesn’t really correlate to dollars spent.

FOX21 checked with the districts to see what percent of students enrolled were on free or reduced lunch. The top spending schools had more than half of their student population receiving financial aid for meals.

Battersby said there are other factors that play into choosing a school for his kids like academic reputation, having a good relationship with the teachers and the just the vibe in the building.

Now that these numbers are available, Battersby hopes that parents will become more involved and ask more questions.

“There’s a general accountability, you hear X amount of dollars here and X amount of dollars there. There’s different programs (IB, AP, and special education) is each kid seeing the same amount of money? There’s some ambiguity to it.”

The national average spending per student is about $11,009 per student. The state average is $9,943.

Colorado ranked 38th in the nation.

>> Click here to visit the website and see how your school or district stacks up.  

Academy 20

$8,938 per Student
Cheyenne Mountain 12 $8,772 per Student
 Colorado Springs D-11 $10,763 per Student
Falcon 49 $7,952 per Student
Harrison 2 $10,107 per Student
Pueblo City – D-60 $9,296 per Student
Pueblo County D-70 $7,645 per Student
Widefield 3

$8,124 per Student


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