VIDEO: ‘Rally granny’ flashes crowd at Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES — An elderly woman having some fun at a Dodger game over the weekend shocked a crowd of over 45,000 people when she decided to do something a little more risqué.

In the seventh inning, the woman can be seen on the camera showing off some daring dance moves, then as the crowd begins to cheer, she quickly lifts her shirt, revealing a white bra underneath.

The camera cuts away, but it was a little too late.

There was a collective gasp from the crowd of 45,225, many of whom began laughing.

“It was the rally granny,” said Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger, who didn’t see it happen. “Some of my teammates were talking about it a little bit. You don’t see that much at a baseball stadium.”

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said he was busy looking at his lineup card and missed the show.

“I heard about it from some of my players and I guess they said I had a missed opportunity,” he said, laughing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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