New flights being added to Colorado Springs Airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — You can now fly to the San Diego and Washington-Dulles Airports from Colorado Springs.

It comes as Frontier Airlines continues to add new flights at our local hub.

The inaugural flights Monday to San Diego and Washington-Dulles are now two of five nonstop routes Frontier has added in 2017.

Others include San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The new flights are also adding to business at the Colorado Springs Airport, with passenger traffic up more than 20 percent from this time a year ago.

Travelers say the new flights are a great way to book quick flights to see the family.

Elizabeth, who was traveling with her four sons, said the $80 flights are a hard thing to turn away.

“We’re going to go tour the White House, see where the President lives and then we’re going to see my brother and his new baby,” said Elizabeth, who was on board the inaugural flight to Washington.

Other travelers say it’s the convenience that really entices them — everything from cheap parking, to less travel time and shorter TSA wait times.

“It’s a great place to fly out of, the people are nice, TSA doesn’t mess with you too much, unless you’re doing something wrong and I can usually clear the line in about 10 minutes,” said John, who was also on board the inaugural flight to Washington.

Right now, six scheduled airlines serve the Colorado Springs Airport to 15 destinations.

That number will rise to 17, with the addition of Tampa and Ft. Myers, Florida starting this fall.

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