Move Over Law: Statewide enforcement, education campaign continues this week

STATEWIDE — Officials say despite the signing of Colorado’s Move Over Law, authorities are still seeing needless crashes across the state.

To improve the public’s awareness of this law, several law enforcement agencies throughout Colorado will team up Tuesday, July 11 to conduct another education and enforcement operation focusing on drivers who violate the Move Over Law.

The law requires drivers to move over at least one lane whenever they approach an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing. If a driver is unable to move over, such as in a two-lane road or when heavy traffic is present, they are required to greatly reduce their speed.

Additionally, the law also protects road maintenance and tow truck operations.

The law was drafted in honor of fallen Trooper Cody Donahue, who was killed last year when a tractor-trailer failed to yield for the stopped emergency vehicle.

“We encourage all drivers to be mindful of this law, remember Trooper Donahue’s sacrifice and to assist us in making Colorado roads safer,” officials with Colorado State Patrol said in a statement.

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