VIDEO: Man surprises waiter with “Gaston” performance at New York City diner

NEW YORK — A New York City waiter got quite the surprise during his rendition of a popular “Beauty and the Beast” song at the diner where he worked.

Charles D’Angelo, a weight loss coach from St. Louis, Missouri, was at the Times Square diner with his fiancée and ordered a large plate of pulled chicken, according to KTVI News. D’Angelo did not order anything else.

In good fun, the waiter, Jimmy Larkin, decided to dedicate a song to the “muscle bound man.”

The song’s subject, Gaston, is also a muscle bound man. You may recognize him as a fictional character in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

But looks may be deceiving!

“A big muscle man came in with his friends and ordered a giant plate of pulled chicken (with nothing else on the plate). After trying to get the kitchen to understand who/what/why, I made fun of him in front of the entire restaurant and dedicated this song to him. It was my first time singing it at the diner because I’ve needed a partner to learn it, but just watch what happens…” Larkin said on his Facebook. “Thank you for making my day and for being so insanely generous; there are great people out there in this crazy world and I feel lucky to work in a place that introduces me to so many…”

But what, or who, exactly prompted the “real-life Gaston” to join in on the fun?

“My wonderful fiancée! She is amazing and it was all in good fun, not to mention I was once almost 400 pounds and help others take charge of their lives. Who would have thought one day I’d be looked at as a muscle-bound Gaston character — being compared to Gaston is funny and flattering, minus his huge ego,” D’Angelo told FOX21. 

He said he and the bride-to-be both love Disney so they were both familiar with the song enough to play along with Larkin.

“I could tell it was coming from a loving place,” he said.

Larkin hopes to share his vocal gift with the world and it’s his dream to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show one day.

D’Angelo says he’s happy to join in on the duet if Ellen’s interested!

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