Town of La Veta gets a new set of wheels thanks to San Isabel Electric Association

La Veta truck donation
Mayor Doug Brgoch in front of the newly donated '99 Ford Ranger in front of La Veta's Town Hall / San Isabel Electric Association, Inc.

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. — Thanks to the San Isabel Electric Association, the Town of La Veta has a new set of wheels to help their Park and Tree program.

The newly donated ’99 Ford Ranger was delivered to La Veta’s Town Hall Friday morning by San Isabel Electric staff.

The Town of La Veta had been using a diesel truck donated by San Isabel Electric Association over ten years ago. Officials say the Town plans to put a water tank in that truck’s bed for use when watering trees on Main Street.

“We were happy to get the vehicle in time for summer operations, we’re just really grateful for this donation,” said Mayor Brgoch.

Mayor Brgoch expressed his gratitude for the donation, saying La Veta is part of Tree City USA and caring for the Town’s trees and parks is important.

La Veta donation
San Isabel Electric Board Director Don Keairns (left) gives Mayor Brgoch (right) the keys to the new truck. / San Isabel Electric Association, Inc.

“I’m just glad we could help them out, I know they had a real need for this vehicle, and we’re happy to be able to give back to our member communities in any way we can,” said Board Director Don Keairns, who represents La Veta.

While vehicle donations are rare, San Isabel Electric’s Board of Directors allocates thousands of dollars in community donations every month.

There is a formal donation process for those seeking funding. A donation request application and information can be found online or by contacting Chelsie West at



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