Local cafe tells stories of influential women in history

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It all started out with a cup of chicken noodle soup for Liz Rosenbaum, a culinary anthropologist and owner of Her Story Cafe.

It went from food truck to library cafe and now into her own space off Powers Boulevard – and she’s telling women’s stories one bite at a time.

Her Story Cafe’s menu is full of women’s names who had an impact on U.S. and even Colorado history.

“It started off with one of the first sandwiches, was the Sally Ride’s Blast,” Rosenbaum said.

Not only is Her Story Cafe a place to eat, but it’s also a place to learn.

“When I was in college, I realized that we don’t have an equal rights amendment,” Rosenbaum said.

Her passion for women in history evolved immediately.

“This is one my one small contribution that I can do to sharing Her Story with other people,” she said.

You can visit Her Story Cafe off Powers Boulevard and N. Carefree Drive in Colorado Springs Tuesday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch.

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