New Snapchat features has parents concerned

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The new Snap Maps feature shows your friends your exact location – down to the building or house you’re in – unless you go into “ghost mode.”

One local mom FOX21 spoke to today is scared for her children’s safety.

“This is extremely concerning, as a parent with pre-teens and teenagers to protect our kids from pedophiles, and sexual offenders,” Erika Klassen said. “From making sure that our kids aren’t being bullied.”

Klassen is a local mom of two, and to say the least, she is angry.

“I just don’t think it’s a great idea to have [it], and I’m very unimpressed with the creators of Snap Maps,” Klassen said.

Klassen took her daughter’s Snapchat and social media away after the creation of this feature, and she said her daughter was upset when she did this.

“We had to sit down and talk about why it’s not okay, why it scares mommy, why I don’t want her to have it,” Klassen said. “And these are making conversations that I shouldn’t have to have with my 12-year-old.”

We also spoke to a sergeant in the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit who works undercover.

His tips to keep your children safe are to put yourself on ghost mode if you don’t want to be located. If you’re a parent, get Snapchat too, be aware of who’s on your friends list, and finally, talk to your children about Internet safety.

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