CSFD responds to 238 calls for service on Fourth of July

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Over the last four days, 687 fireworks-related calls were received and handled by first responders, according to the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Fire officials say on Fourth of July alone, 362 calls streamed in through both non-emergency and emergency lines.

City firefighters will run an average of 187 calls for service during a normal 24-hour shift, according to officials. These calls for service range from fires, rescues, traffic accidents and emergency medical services.

On the Fourth of July, firefighters responded to 238 calls for service, including 10 fires – that’s a 21 percent increase in call volume over the daily average.

CSFD is reminding the community to remain vigilant about fire safety as summer and warm weather kicks in.

The City of Colorado Springs is considered a high hazard wildland fire environment, according to CSFD.

Officials say simple actions such as proper disposal of smoking materials, obeying city ordinances regarding fireworks being illegal in the City, and making sure a campfire is completely out are all things that you can do to help keep the city safe.

>> Click here to learn more about fire safety.


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