VIDEO: Bear who spent five hours inside Colorado Springs home euthanized

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A bear who spent five hours inside a Colorado Springs home has been tracked and euthanized, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The homeowner, Chris O’Dubrhraic, woke up to a mess in his kitchen Fourth of July morning.

“The refrigerator is open and its beeping because the door’s been left [open] and all the food is just decimated all over the floor,” said homeowner Chris O’Dubrhraic. “It was really surprising to see. A bear standing on his legs walking around and opening a refrigerator like a human. I mean it’s really pretty amazing. He didn’t fumble around for the refrigerator door, he used it like I do.”

The 375-pound bear can be seen in a series of surveillance videos posted to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter page.

Wildlife officials confirmed that this bear was the same bear spotted in a woman’s garage in the same neighborhood just a week ago.

The three videos in the most recent break-in were captured from three different rooms in the home – the kitchen, the bedroom hallway and the family room – all while O’Dubrhraic was asleep.

“It sent a shiver up my spine to think that I had slept during the time he was walking around and investigating every room,” O’Dubrhraic said.

The bear left marks with paw prints on the refrigerator door, tracked through the house and marked its territory.

“It’s unsettling to know that something that powerful and something that untamed and potentially dangerous is roaming around your house for 5 hours,” said O’Dubrhraic.

O’Dubrhraic called 911 and contacted wildlife officials.

“Unfortunately that bear has learned too much about bad behavior and we have to then put that bear down,” said Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officer Corey Adler.

Officials hunted down the bear early Tuesday morning and killed it in one shot.

“I feel pretty lucky this was a whole new boundary for him that he crossed, and it was a dangerous one,” said O’Dubrhraic, who still has to clean up the evidence of the wild intruder.

He feels safer now that the bear is gone.

“It was unfortunate, we don’t like doing it, but for everyone safety that’s what we have to do,” said Adler.

Wildlife officials say the bear was euthanized because it was “deemed [an] imminent threat to the public.”

CPW was approached by a citizen who said he would take care of processing the bear to feed the needy in the community.

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