Old Fashioned Fourth of July back in Memorial Park after undergoing renovations

WOODLAND PARK, Colo.– It was an old time Fourth of July celebration in the City Above the Clouds Tuesday.

Thousands of people packed Memorial Park for the festivities.

This year’s celebration is a homecoming to one of the city’s most popular spots.

“This is a magical day in this park,” said Karen Casey, who organizes the Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration. “Just the park is such a special place.”

After two years away, the Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration was held once again in Memorial Park.

“We’re finally back in Memorial Park,” said Cindy Keating, Woodland Park’s director of Parks and Recreation.

The 3.32 acre park recently underwent a major makeover.

“It’s a $2.9 million renovation,” said Keating.

From a new playground, to new landscaping, even the pond was dug deeper to allow more fishing.

Additionally, there’s the basketball courts, with players playing for more than just bragging rights.

“The 3 on 3 basketball, this is USA National qualifying event,” said Casey.

The revamp was made possible by the Colorado Lottery. The city was awarded $450,000 in funds from the lottery.

“Everywhere I go, everyone I hear from, this is the most beautiful park and they absolutely love and enjoy this time here,” said Keating.

As families celebrate America’s independence, with America’s mountain in the background, enjoying a gathering place built for years to come.

“The community, they had to wait for it, but it was well worth the wait,” added Keating.

The city of Woodland Park also received the Colorado Lottery Starburst Award, which recognizes excellence in the use of lottery proceeds in community projects implemented to enhance a community’s environment.

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