Text messages targeted in rising number of ‘smishing’ scams nationwide

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. —  Ever heard of “smishing”?

More and more scammers are ditching email for fraudulent text messages, and officials are calling the new rising scam “smishing.”

Similar to a “phishing” scam, where computer users receive an email that appears to be from their bank, Internet Service Provider (ISP), favorite store, or other organization, “smishing” (short for SMS phishing) messages are sent to you via SMS (text message) on your mobile phone.

Cybersecurity experts say scammers are turning to text messages because more people are wising up to suspicious emails and more people trust text messages.

According to USA Today, typical smishing scams include:

  • “Dear customer, Bank of America needs you to verify your PIN number immediately to confirm you’re the property account holder. Some accounts have been breached. We urgently ask you to protect yourself by confirming your info here.”
  • “IRS Notice: Tax Return File Overdue! Click here to enter your information to prevent being prosecuted.”
  • “Beautiful weekend coming. Wanna go out? Sophie gave me your number. Check out my profile here.”

Scammers are pretending to be banks, service providers, grocery stores and more in text messages that experts say can often seem very real.

If you get one of these text messages, delete it immediately.

Experts say real organizations will never ask you to reveal personal information via text.

Read the full story on USA Today.

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