Expect heavy traffic and no roadwork for July 4th

Increased traffic for July 4th

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Department of Transportation is warning drivers to expect more traffic over the holiday as the summer travel season kicks into high gear.

With this increased road travel comes some good news. All CDOT construction projects, except emergency road operations, are suspended until Wednesday morning.

CDOT also said they expect the most traffic on the I-70 mountain corridor, as July, August, and September are its busiest months. More than 3.6 million cars traveled through that area during those months last year.

With this increase in people on the roads, and the holiday, the Colorado Springs Police Department is partnering with a number of organizations to enforce a Fourth of July DUI crackdown. This started on Friday and runs through the holiday.

“This is the first big holiday weekend of the summer, and people are going to be on vacation, and we just wanted to put an emphasis on traffic safety, because there are going to be so many more cars on the roads,” said Lt. Scott Schwall of CSPD. “With the price of gas down, people are out and about, driving around, and they’re doing road trips again.”

The DUI enforcement going on right now includes alcohol, marijuana, and any other drugs that cause impaired driving.

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