Tips to protect your pet during Fourth of July festivities

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — As most animal lovers know, Fourth of July activities can put pets on edge.

In fact, more pets gets lost on Independence Day than any other day of the year, according to Pet Wants, a local pet food and products company.

That’s why Pet Wants is offering suggestions on ways to help dogs and cats through the holiday.

According to Evan Canfield, the owner of Pet Wants, sometimes it’s better to leave pets indoors.

“Keep them in a kind of internal room of the house, maybe like a bathroom. Somewhere that’s going to be away from windows, away from doors,” said Canfield.

He added it’s important to find a quiet place to put your pet during firework displays, but cautions that can sometimes feel like a punishment.

“It’s always best to slowly introduce the pet beforehand, so that way it’ll be a less stressful situation,” said Canfield.

Things like lowering the blinds, turning on the TV to block out the noise and using a type of pet calming balm can help too.

“Pets react to lavender and chamomile the same way as we do as humans, so it’ll help keep them nice and calm,” said Canfield.

The company also says to watch what they eat – things like alcohol can be very dangerous for pets.

Holiday treats can also be harmful, as they’re too much for their systems to handle.

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