CSPD urges people to lock cars, hide valuables out of sight

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — After an attempted robbery at Red Rocks Canyon Open Space on Thursday, June 30, the Colorado Springs Police Department is urging people to be extra cautious when leaving their cars.

Two suspects were arrested after officers saw a suspicious car park next to another car then witnessed a man get out and punch out the passenger side window of the other car.

CSPD then issued a statement asking visitors to city parks to never leave valuables in the car, or secure them out of sight.

FOX21 spoke to a few hikers Saturday at Red Rocks Canyon Open Space.

One person was a victim of a robbery similar to the one reported Thursday.

“It’s really disheartening that people think that what’s mine, is theirs,” Chris Hopkins said. “That they can just take things.”

Another hiker, Joshua Kelly, says he always hides his valuables when leaving his car.

“Anything I think I would probably want to steal from a car, I stick under a seat or under a jacket,” Kelly said. “And just generally keep it out of sight, and then I lock the car.”



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