Attempted robbery at Red Rock Canyon Space prompts police warning

Red Rock Canyon robbery
Kenneth Naranjo (left) and Mica Karr (right) / Colorado Springs Police Department

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — An attempted robbery at Red Rock Canyon Open space has prompted a warning from police to keep all valuables in cars out of sight if you’re out and about.

It happened Thursday, June 30 around 5:42 p.m. at the park located at 3550 West High Street.

According to police, officers observed a suspicious car drive through the area and park next to a second car. Within 10 minutes, police say they saw a man exit the suspicious car and punch out the passenger side window of the parked car.

The man then reached in the window and pulled out a handbag, according to police.

Officers contacted the man and a woman and took them both into custody. They have been identified as 27-year-old Kenneth Naranjo and 32-year-old Mica Karr.

The victim’s purse was recovered.

Police issued a statement asking visitors to city parks to avoid becoming a victim by never leaving valuables in a car or by securing them out of sight.

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