Testimonies begin on day three of Maketa trial

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Even with the two most serious charges dropped, there were many emotionally charged testimonies on the stand today, as the trial begins in this long-awaited case against the former El Paso County Sheriff.

The trial began on Tuesday, June 27 and the jury was appointed on Wednesday, June 28.

The witnesses of note today were Wendy Habert, Joe Briester, and Kelly McMahan.

First on the stand was Wendy Habert. She was Maketa’s campaign manager and thought of him as family. Maketa even walked Habert down the aisle at her wedding.

Habert was put on unpaid leave in October of 2013 with no explanation, and was then fired a month later after reportedly refusing to support Paula Presley in her bid to succeed Maketa. Presley did not end up running for sheriff.

Habert said today that she told Presley she was not fit to be sheriff.

Next on the stand, undersheriff Joe Briester, who reportedly met with Kelly McMahan regarding the domestic violence case, but shortly after realized it was a criminal matter and stopped asking questions.

Another witness was Kelly Trull, who now goes by Kelly McMahan.

Her story accounts for two of the charges against Maketa are tampering with a witness and conspiracy to tamper with a witness.

McMahan’s boyfriend was Travis Garretson, a former deputy, who was arrested and later fired for beating her.

She initially said her injuries were from a motorcycle, but on the stand, she recounted multiple incidents of Garretson beating her.

Maketa reportedly told McMahan to take back her statement, and tell investigators that she started the incident so the deputy could get his job back.

She said Maketa and Garretson were friends and even liked to go dirt biking together.

She agreed to say that she started the domestic violence incident even though she said she was still in love with Garretson, but was then jailed for false reporting and then fired in August of 2014.

This trial is expected to last at least two weeks.

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