VIDEO: Bear encounter caught on camera prompts warning from officials

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Denielle Backstrom has lived in Colorado Springs for many years and has seen many bears wandering around her neighborhood.

On Tuesday she posted a video of one of her bear encounters, but she said this one was too close for comfort.

“The bears kind of use my drive way as a short cut,” said Backstrom.

The 400-pound unexpected visitor entered her garage after it was open for just moments.

Officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife say that bears should be and are typically afraid of people; but the one in this video doesn’t appear to be – that’s what officials say is so concerning.

“Get out of my garage! What do I have to do to get this guy to leave?” Backstrom said as she explained the situation.

She was honking her horn and screaming, but the bear was not afraid of her.

“This bear demonstrated unusual and disturbing behavior,” said Frank McGee, Area Manager with CPW. “Bears don’t get that big on natural food alone they have to find human food to get that large.”

CPW has set up a bear trap in the neighborhood after they say this bear has gone too far.

“At this point it’s not safe for us to move this bear anywhere else. If we catch this bear it is going to be euthanized,” said McGee.

Officials said to avoid similar situations from happening again, if you encounter a bear do not feed it. Imediately call CPW at 719-227-5200.

To learn how to avoid or act appropriately during bear encounters click here.

Check out the full video on Denielle Backstrom’s Facebook page:

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