New toys made from corn and sugar to hit store shelves

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — From farms to factories to families, a new toy is about to hit store shelves and it’s made right here in Colorado Springs.

But the toys aren’t made out of plastic.

BeginAgain Toys partnered with John Deere to develop the first-ever line of John Deere-licensed eco-friendly, U.S. made toys.

The engineered flexible bio-plastic reduces the use of plastic by 30 percent.

BeginAgain approached Pikes Peak Plastic last year to produce the toys.

“Here we focus on the John Deere Eco-Rigs line,” said Chris Clemmer, co-Founder of BeginAgain.

These toys are unique – no plastic is used to make them.

“They’re made from a sugar cane and corncob bio plastic,” explains Clemmer.

The corn from farmers in Kansas gives the factory that roasted corn smell.

“Kind of that toasted smell if you smell the vehicle itself,” said Clemmer.

The truck took about three years to develop.

BeginAgain wanted to create a toy with no petroleum, made from plant instead of a plastic.

“It helps tell the story of farmers and factories coming together to create a great product,” said Clemmer.

That producing is made right here in Colorado Springs.

“We have increased our workforce right now by about 35 percent,” said Hal Alameddine, owner of Pikes Peak Plastic.

Clemmer said finding a toy maker in the United States is difficult, but Pikes Peak was ready to go.

“Our focus was to try and minimize non value added types, activities, if you will,” said Alameddine.

A local company, making toys in a local factory, with materials coming from the same people who help put food on our tables.

“Keep kids playing, keep them active, keep them outside, maybe keep them off the iPads for a while,” added Clemmer.

The new toy trucks are expected to hit store shelves in the next week. They will retail for about $29.99.

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