Baby requires medical treatment after overheating on delayed United plane at DIA

DENVER, Colo. — A Colorado mom is claiming she wasn’t allowed off a delayed United Airlines flight at Denver International Airport even though she was concerned her baby’s life was in danger.

According to the Denver Post, Superior resident Emily France and her baby were stuck on a United flight for nearly two hours as the plane sat on the tarmac during Thursday’s warm weather.

France asked for an ambulance when she noticed her baby had become overheated, and she said it took an additional 30 minutes before she and her baby were allowed off the plane.

United said the pilot returned to the gate and paramedics were called to meet the plane.

France’s baby was eventually taken to the hospital and treated for heat; he’s expected to be okay.

United Airlines released the following statement to FOX21 in response to the incident:

This should never have happened. We are profoundly sorry to our customer and her child for the experience they endured. We are actively looking into what happened to prevent this from occurring again. The pilot returned to the gate as our crew called for paramedics to meet the aircraft. Medical care was provided to the child within 16 minutes of the Captain’s call for paramedics.”

Read the full story on Denver Post.

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