Boys in Britain wear skirts to protest school’s dress code

They were told they couldn’t wear shorts, so they opted for skirts instead.

Amid a sweltering heat wave, some boys at a British high school found a creative way to go around a uniform rule banning shorts.

The schoolboys at Isca Academy in Exter, Britain donned skirts instead of the officially mandated gray slacks.

In photos posted by British media, the boys can be seen in short-sleeved white shirts, school ties and gray and white plaid skirts that is uniform for girls.

The teenagers argued it was just too hot to wear pants as temperatures soared to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Around 30 boys participated in the skirt protest, saying the idea came from the head teacher, although they originally thought she was joking, according to BBC.

Some parents of kids participating in the protest say they’re proud of their children for standing up for their rights.

“I feel extremely proud of them all for standing up for their rights. People are always talking about equal right for males and females and school uniform shouldn’t be any different”, one parent told BBC.

Read the full story on BBC News.


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