All Purpose Paving

1.Check the Reputation of the paving contractor

There are several things you can do that will give you good indication of the contractor’s reputation such as checking references, listening to word of mouth, and checking online reviews. A contractor will more than likely provide you with their happy customers as references, but the longer the list of happy customers the better. Pay attention to word of mouth which is the best form of advertising for contracting companies and also the most truthful for potential customers. Last but not least, check online reviews of the contracting company you are considering hiring. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are good sites to read reviews based on customer service experience and work quality.

2. Verify that the Paving Company has workman’s comp and liability insurance

All too often a contractor will choose the minimum insurance required by state law. Keep in mind that accidents do happen and if an accident happens on YOUR property you do not want to be liable. A reputable contractor will provide the proper paperwork and proof of insurance.

3.Be cautious of out-of-town companies

Do not fall for paving scams that out-of-town companies, often referred to as gypsy pavers, will impose. There are things you can watch for so you do not fall victim to these scams. Gypsy pavers usually tend to drive unmarked vehicles, act in door-to-door sales, make offers that are too good to be true, and require cash-only terms. Be aware of this kind of behavior.

4.Never pay for the paving job upfront

When paying for such a large and expensive job, you as the customer has the right to be fully satisfied before having to pay the bill. You also don’t want to risk the job not getting 100% done by paying before the work is done.

5.Think of an asphalt paving job as a long-term investment

When it comes to any contracting job, you essentially get what you pay for. Asphalt that is properly installed can last for more 20 years if weather permits. Being cheap and saving a couple hundred dollars now could result in thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.

6. Make sure the paving job comes with a warranty

A contractor should offer some type of warranty that will protect the customer and their long-term investment; a warranty will cover potential future problems that nature may cause and make the paving job worth the customer’s time and money.

7. Get a contract.

A reputable company will provide you with an estimate that can be signed as a binding contract. This will serve as a contract that protects you and protects the paving company as well.


Designing and installing asphalt is a skilled service that can’t be performed by just anyone. All Purpose Paving provides asphalt paving services for front-range businesses, homes, and mountain resorts located in the Greater Colorado Area. Whether you need asphalt paving services or striping, you can trust us to provide quality work. Since 1992, our company has provided quality products and exceptional services. As paving contractors, we offer a certain professionalism that caters to your needs.


Warranties are available with all paving jobs. Warranties are accurate and honored.


All Purpose Paving

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Tel: 719-636-0484
315 Sunset Rd., Colorado Springs CO 80909


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