Pueblo County residents reminded to notify authorities before conducting controlled burns

PUEBLO, Colo. — The Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents living outside city limits to notify authorities before conducting a controlled burn.

“It is important to report your controlled burns to prevent fire teams from being dispatched and responding to incidents that are simply people burning yard debris,” said Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor. “It’s important for everyone to use caution and follow the notification rules that exist in Pueblo County for controlled burns.”

Authorities say when controlled burns are reported, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center can determine whether a report of smoke or flames in a specific area is a reported burn before dispatching fire teams.

Residents are urged to follow these steps when conducting a controlled burn in Pueblo County:

  • Obtain a permit from your local fire department.
  • Report your burn to 719-583-BURN (2876) or at www.pueblosheriff.com before you start a fire.
  • Keep a water source nearby along with a phone in case you lose control of the flames.
  • Always burn in a cleared area.
  • Never leave your fire unattended.
  • Only burn yard debris, no man made materials or other household products.
  • Don’t burn after dark without special permission.

To report a controlled burn, call 719-583-2876 or by going online and clicking on the controlled burn notification link.

Residents are also reminded to check with their respective fire protection districts since some require a permit from their agency prior to conducting a burn.


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