Utilities officials remind homeowners to inspect wastewater pipes every two years

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Every two years, an inspection of your wastewater pipes can save you a lot of money if you’re a homeowner.

Colorado Springs Utilities cleaned out the wastewater mainline along Mesa Grande Drive Monday, using cameras to see inside the pipes to clear out any tree roots or other material that may cause a blockage.

Now they’re reminding homeowners that they are responsible for the maintenance of the service line from their home, including the tap, until the main sewer line.

“Without proper maintenance, and identifying proper cleaning frequency, they’ll continue to grow and grow and grow until they cause 100 percent blockage, which will cause wastewater to back up from there,” said Nick Verdi with Colorado Springs Utilities.

Colorado Springs Utilities asks that homeowners contact a professional to clean out wastewater lines, and continue maintenance every two years.

For those who live in the older neighborhoods in town with clay pipes, you’re asked to schedule maintenance even more frequently.


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