CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman rattled by baby rattlesnake

CALABASAS, Calif. — A dog’s rope toy? Think again!

A California woman was shocked when she reached down to grab what she thought was her dog’s rope toy.

Instead, it was a baby rattlesnake.

Ariel Rosso uploaded the surveillance video to his YouTube page, showing his wife, Carla, bending down to pick up the long, slender object. She panics when she realizes it isn’t a toy, dropping the rattlesnake immediately and running away with her dog right behind her.

The couple called Los Angeles County Fire Department, who warned them that baby rattlesnakes are even more dangerous than adults because they’re unable to control their venom.

The two later laughed about the incident.

“If you are going to pick your dog’s toy in the dark, make sure it’s not a live rattlesnake!” Ariel said in the caption to the video, which has now been viewed over 190,000 times. “Thankfully my wife Carla was not bit, but she needs to work on running away skills!

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