Disruption on non-potable water system temporarily reduces watering of Colorado Springs parks, facilities

Dry Grass
FOX21 File photo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs Utilities is experiencing a disruption in its non-potable water system that has impacted service to some non-potable water customers such as the City of Colorado Springs.

Officials say this has caused reduced watering of some parks, landscapes, cemeteries and athletic fields.

Repairs to the system are underway, and CSU officials expect these repairs to be completed by early next week.

Those attending events including Pikes Peak Celtic Fest at Memorial Park may notice a degradation of grass due to the watering issues, and other City parks and facilities may also experience short-term impacts.

In order to provide more equitable watering, officials say the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department is staggering watering schedules, especially to highly-trafficked parks such as Memorial Park, Goose Gossage Park and America the Beautiful.

The City has also contacted event planners with upcoming events at the affected locations and is communicating with CSU about a timeline for the repair.

Officials say they are doing all they can to preserve the condition of City property during this lapse in watering.

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