Bands in the Backyard festival benefits local vendors

PUEBLO, Colo. — People from all over Colorado, and even surrounding states, come to Pueblo to enjoy the Bands in the Backyard country music festival.

But it’s not only the fans that are excited to be here.

“We are a Colorado band, we came down from the Denver area,” Kory Brunson, lead singer of Kory Brunson band said, “We’re happy to be here.”

Brunson said Colorado fans are his favorite.

“It’s a great state to play in,” he said. “I love our state.”

This event also attracts local vendors. FOX21 spoke to a few ladies who have their businesses set up in tents at the festival this weekend, and they said they love showcasing their products to Coloradans.

“We’re here because we like supporting local events,” Heather Decker, Mystic Mountain Distillery sales accountant said. “We are a local business, and we like to be here and have fun at events, and let people know about our product.”

Whether it’s moonshine, whiskey, iron art, or clothing, The crowd is all about it.

“[We’re here] To bring the western feel back into Colorado, you know,” Samantha Hawksworth, owner of D&D Welding Iron Art said. “To kind of keep it local, and let the folks know they still, you know, got western in them.”

It’s important to the Kory Brunson Band and these local vendors to keep it homegrown.

“Everything that we sell is made 100 percent here, it’s all sourced from here, [and it’s] good stuff,” Decker said. “And so if we can share that with people and get people to know, we’re all for it. And if we get to come out here and have a good time, then it’s a good time.”

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