Some neighbors upset after CPW suggests Woodland Park take action to decrease deer population

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — More deer in Woodland Park may be attracting mountain lions to the area, which has wildlife officials concerned.

In 2016, there was one reported mountain lion sighting, and this year Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has already received nine reports.

CPW reported that Woodland Park was seeking advice on how to deal with the increasing number of deer. However, people who live in the area said other than eating some of their plants, the deer don’t hurt anything.

After living in Colorado Springs for a long time, Richard Nichols now lives in Woodland Park. He said the deer are part of what makes the area so great.

“That’s the reason why we are here, the wildlife that we see,” Nichols said. “The deer don’t bother us. In fact, the deer are a joy to our family.”

Police said the department received 92 reports of deer-related incidents in the last 12 months. Woodland Park City Council was given advice on how to control the population.

“They are telling us we have 45 deer per square foot, which is a large amount,” said Woodland Park Mayor Neil Levey.

CPW suggested City Council sterilize the animals, trap and relocate them, or use controlled urban hunts to put the deer population in check.

Despite the advice, Levey said they are not moving forward with any decision at this time.

“It doesn’t even prove to be an issue to be discussed at this point,” Levey said.

Nichols hopes the city doesn’t have to take any action at all.

“No. Let’s not use draconian methods to get rid of the wildlife we thoroughly enjoy,” Nichols said.

CPW estimates the cost to take care of the deer population ranges from $300 to $3,000.

The mayor said the safety of people who live in Woodland Park is his top priority, and he doesn’t see a reason to take any action against the deer population at this time.

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