Fire investigators start fire as part of training at CSFD

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — If you were near downtown Wednesday morning, you may have noticed some heavy smoke.

It was all part of training at the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

“Fire investigation is a lot like trying to put a puzzle together,” said Ralph Mangan, Colorado Springs Fire Investigator.

Flames worked their way through a makeshift apartment at the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

“Only you can’t look at the picture on the box and you’re missing half the pieces,” said Mangan.

The fire intentionally set. The things inside were common items you’d find in most living rooms.

“We’re looking at each of those particular items to see how they react to fire, what the effects of fire are on those items so that we can use that data to try and vector in or zero in on where we believe the origin is on a fire,” explains Mangan.

The goal of the training is to observe fire behaviors from when it starts until it consumes the entire room.

“Of course we want to know where the fire started at but also more importantly what the cause of the fire was, what the ignition source or heat source,” said Mangan.

Fire officials say they respond to about 200,000 calls each year.

“We’ll put our expertise to good use to see if our theories are correct on where the fire started on this particular instance,” added Mangan.



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