VIDEO: Heated road rage incident on Old Stage Road caught on camera

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — An apparent road rage incident on Old Stage Road over the weekend was caught on camera.

The incident happened Sunday and was recorded by Lyfe Engelhart, who according to her Facebook page, is in a relationship with Brandon Vega, the man who was assaulted during the incident.

>> Click here to see the full video.

The video starts with Engelhart saying “This is road rage at its finest,” as she begins to record the incident.

According to her Facebook post, Engelhart and Vega were on Old Stage Road en route to a hiking trip when they were confronted by a man who apparently was trying to pass them on the road.

The man comes up to the driver’s side window and begins cursing at Vega, yelling “What the f— is wrong with you!”

Vega asks why the man was tailing him and he replies “Because you wouldn’t get out of my way with your little car.”

The man claims he is a combat veteran during the incident.

Engelhart and Vega get out of their car to get the man’s license plate, and the incident only escalates further.



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