City Council declares June 26 as Waldo Canyon Commemoration Day

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – We are nearing the 5-year anniversary of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

City Council took action Tuesday to remember and honor those who helped fight one of the most devastating events to hit the Pikes Peak region.

City Council signed a resolution that recognizes June 26 as Waldo Canyon Fire Commemoration Day.

“We all know where we were that day,” said Colorado Springs Fire Chief Ted Collas.

It was one of the worst fires in Colorado Springs history.

“We remember where we were when we saw that single column of smoke coming up over the western horizon,” said Chief Collas.

What started as a small brush fire quickly spread to more than 18,000 acres.

“We all had thoughts about what could happen,” said Chief Collas.

In the end, 347 homes were destroyed and so many more damaged.

“Nor do we want to forget the heroic efforts that were put in to save many many more homes as a result of that fire entering our city,” said Chief Collas.

Five years later, Colorado Springs City Council is marking a special day of remembrance.

“Like most of you, watched everything on television unfold, chunks of ash were all over our vehicles and our yards,” said council member-at-large Tom Strand.

After the flames were out, Chief Collas says it’s amazing how the community came together to help one another pick up the pieces.

“We came together very strong to support those who’d lost their homes and support those who were devastated as a result of the loss of life,” added Chief Collas.


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