Frontier Airlines adds new flights at Colorado Springs Airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– If you’re looking for some summer travel plans, you’re in luck!

Several new flights are now departing from Colorado Springs Airport.

Frontier Airlines launched three new flights to San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The new flights join the five destinations the airline already serves. Later this summer, flights to San Diego and Washington will be added in addition to two Florida destinations this winter.

“This year with our expansion we think we’re going to be in the 850,000 to 900,000 range,” said Mayor John Suthers.

It’s safe to say the Colorado Springs Airport is growing.

“For the first time in really two decades we’re really moving in the right direction,” said Mayor Suthers.

That direction is thanks to airlines adding more flights.

In the 12.5 months since Frontier’s return to Colorado Springs, 8 new destinations have been added.

“Given the community’s response to that service, we’ve come back with some additional service,” said Rick Zeni, chief information officer with Frontier Airlines.

They’re destinations people are filling the seats for.

Linda Ferguson is preparing to board a flight to Phoenix for one very special reason.

“I’m expecting my seventh grandchild,” explains Ferguson.

Ferguson lives in Pueblo and says she used to have to drive to Denver and catch a flight.

But times have changed.

“I think it’s great, it’s great for all of Southern Colorado,” said Ferguson.

As long as flyers continue to fill those seats, who knows what destination may be added next?

“If we support these flights, we’re going to see some more,” added Mayor Suthers.

Mayor Suthers says other airlines are also looking at bringing more destinations to the airport.

He says as the city grows and attracts more business, airlines are taking notice.

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