Active shooter training takes over Fountain Middle School

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Fountain Police Department along with several other law enforcement and military agencies took part in an active shooter training at Fountain Middle School Friday.

It’s all part of a three-day training exercise Fountain police have done for the past two years.

The agencies who participated this year were the City of Fountain Fire Department, the USAF 10th Security Forces, USAF 21st Security Forces, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, the Pueblo Police Department, the Florence Police Department, the Fort Carson Department of Emergency Services and Military Police.

All agencies participated in a full scale exercise, which included several different high intensity ‘shoot or don’t shoot’ scenarios.

According to the Fountain Police Department, replica guns are used and configured in a way that shoots a simunition round that feels like a paintball when fired.

“They sting when you get hit with them, but we wear protective gear. We want to simulate what it’s like not only to actually shoot at a person, but also to be hit,” said Sgt. Scott Gilbertsen with the Fountain Police Department.

He said there can never be too much practice.

“We think about our own families everyday on the job and that’s ultimately what we want to do, we want to of course protect the public, but we want to go home too,” said Sgt. Gilbertsen.

He added that the Fountain Police Department plans to continue this type of training for the years ahead.

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